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What is LIO?

Lebanese in Ottawa (LIO) is Canada’s only e-communication hub which shares news ABOUT the Lebanese Community in Ottawa TO the Lebanese in Ottawa and Beyond. People worldwide are subscribed to LIO!

LIO serves:

  • Businesses
  • Embassies & Diplomats
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Charities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Social and Political Organizations
  • News Networks
  • Entertainment Groups
  • Many Other Advertisers and
  • Community at Large in Ottawa

Since 2000, LIO has provided reliable and up-to-date information distribution services to the community.

LIO’s core objectives are:

  1. To strengthen ties among members, businesses and organizations within the Lebanese community.
  2. Create more cohesion within the Lebanese and Arab community within Ottawa.
  3. Make connections and broaden the scope of Lebanese community within Ottawa and beyond.

LIO aims to give access to as many individuals within Ottawa to information of interest to the Lebanese community in a neutral, efficient and timely manner.

LIO continues to be a leader in this area of information distribution, as the number of subscribers and supporters continues to grow. LIO has become an effective method to communicate and deliver news and events that concerns our Lebanese community in Ottawa. 

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