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Help Andrew Hajj fight Crohn’s Disease

July 6, 2018 | By | More

Help my son Andrew fight Crohn’s disease…
Andrew’s last hope is the umbilical cord stem cell treatment at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama. Doctors in Canada have tried all available treatments with no success. Andrew might be that one person that could die from Crohn’s…. Andrew’s full story could be seen at the link below.
Andrew is suffering from a severe and complex CROHN ‘s disease, on everyday basis.  Surgeries and treatments applied aren’ t  stopping the CROHN’S from damaging his body and his life.
After an extensive research, Andrew was able to communicate and locate an institute in Panama for an umbilical stem cell transplant and treatment, it is only available there, where the actor Mel Gibson sent his father, his treatment was a success and his Dad still alive until date.
May God Bless all who would like to offer a hand, a donation, a share and a care.
My family and I are so grateful to all doctors, staff and hospitals that provided care for Andrew.

Gada Nahra
613 558 6055

Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE share, and learn more about Andrew’s disease.

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