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Who are we ?
We are the voice of every Lebanese at home and abroad . We are the voice of every conscientious Lebanese citizen , one with unwavering optimism about the homeland and its potential. The voice of the concerned citizen with all the issues that have stacked the country with weights of regression and stagnation, one that wants a better future for our loved ones. The Voice of the true Lebanese, who would love nothing better for this country, than to be one of the respected members of the nations of the world.

When did the 3V start?
Our movement started back in 2011 in Lebanon and has been growing ever since to what we are now, a 4100 + members strong.

What is our Goal?
Our Goal is to unite our patriots of every corner of the world, every creed , every belief in one voice to raise the sense of true nationality above all other criteria, of being Lebanese ,while accepting our differences and respecting them . And to be a catalyst of good will between the existing parties, so we could all labor and endeavor to a harmonious , peaceful ,progressive, civilized country .

Are we a political Party ?
The answer is , NOT AT ALL , we are a apolitical non governmental organization, originated in the civil society with no political polarization or affiliation whatsoever.

Where are we based?
We are based In Lebanon where most our membership is , but also have branches In Paris France, In Montreal Canada, Ottawa Canada with many members in the USA and the European Union and the Arabian Peninsula.

Who can belong to 3V ?
Every Lebanese that believes in Lebanon as a nation , independent and united . Some of our members are foreign nationals that have proven love and care for this country and or are expert in fields that we deem add positive contributions, to achieving our goals .
Twitter: @3VLebanon


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