A Message from an Ontario Family Doctor

Help Our Ontario Health Care System

As you all are well aware, our health care system is in crisis.  This crisis has impacted our clinic significantly – the phone is not answered, results are delayed, the wait time for appointments is increasing…

These are the three most important things you can do to help:

  1. Please be kind to our staff. We currently have less than 50% of the staff we need. The loss of staff is due to verbally abusive behaviour from patients, emotional burn out, sick family at home, or due to finding higher paying jobs in the private sector.   Help us retain our staff by thanking them for their help.
  2. Please send a letter to your MPP to detail the urgency of the situation in primary care. We need an influx of money and resources to get us through. We physicians are struggling to make ends meet as we pay for the cost of running the clinic. We absorb the increased staffing costs, skyrocketing medical supplies, tech investments, and all the other costs of running a business from our own income.
  3. Please be understanding of my increased wait time for addressing chronic issues. I am making an effort to prioritize situations that cannot wait. There has been an influx of complex crises related to emergency room and hospital overflow, and this has forced me to compress my non-urgent appointment spaces.