A number of individuals from the Lebanese Canadian community in Ottawa responded to the invitation by Gentleways for OurPlanet (GW) launched in Mid-January to form a steering committee for the creation of Lebanon Forest in Ottawa.  The steering committee had its first meeting where the context for this project and its purpose were presented.

Key topics discussed during the meeting were: allocation of land where the tree-planting would take place; applying for grants, and ways of engaging members of the community down the road in tree-planting events.

Gentleways for OurPlanet,  with some initial funds and advisory support from Nature Canada, is currently working on a proposal and applications to help bring this project to life.

Trees are the best nature-based solutions to climate change, and deforestation is the second major cause of global warming after fossil fuels burning.

GW’s mission is to make it easy for individuals to lower their carbon footprint through various easy ways of mindful consumption and waste reduction, and by planting trees. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact: info@gentleways.org