Lebanese in Ottawa

Executive Team

Hashem Y. Hashem

Founder and  Webmaster


This unique concept of efficient news distribution and delivery to the Lebanese community in Ottawa via Internet and email was developed by Hashem Y. Hashem of  Ottawa, Canada.
Hashem created this concept to reach all members of the Lebanese community informing them of news and events taking place in the region.
Since October 2000,  Hashem has spent endless hours ensuring that news is delivered to the Lebanese community on time.

His efforts and unwavering commitment to the community have led Hashem to be recognized by many organizations, associations, companies and individuals in Canada, USA, Lebanon and other countries.


Sophie M. Hashem Lee

Chief Editor, Strategic Planning & Partnerships


Being the daughter of Hashem Y. Hashem (Founder and Webmaster of Lebanese in Ottawa), Sophie has always had a deep passion and interest in serving her community and the public. Her involvement in the Lebanese community began early in her university career in 2006 when she joined the Lebanese Cultural Club (LCC) at the University of Ottawa. From 2007 to 2009, Sophie went on to become the President of LCC where she and her board invested much of their time in humanitarian activities such as raising funds for the Red Cross in Lebanon. Sophie  has also served on the Board of Directors of the CLCCI.

Coupled with her M.A. in International Affairs, from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Carleton University), over the years Sophie has been an active volunteer in various activities and initiatives in the Lebanese Community in the Ottawa-Gatineau region (e.g. Sir Guy Carlton Secondary School Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Food and Clothing Drive led by Mr. Ed Mahfouz; St. Elias Mother’s Day Celebration; St. Elias Cathedral Fundraising for Al-Kafaàt Foundation in Lebanon).